Non Chemical Pool and Spa Filtration

These devices  are for non chemical treatment of your pool and spa water. They reduce the amount of chemicals needed for you pool or spa. They also work great with hydrogen peroxide at a fraction of the cost for an ion system. All prices quoted include shipping to the 48 states! If interested,just hit the "contact me" button to your left!

The disk below is the original size for pool skimmer baskets....they cost $95.00

The Filter Foam technology uses Power Disks to provide minerals to water. The foam is not soft but hard due to the coating of minerals - they break if bent like a hard cookie. These non chemical disks are much less expensive than ion systems.

Filter Foam Disks use a unique form of KDF copper-zinc media which has been molded, via a proprietary process, into a soft disk that looks like a gold sponge. KDF is excellent at removing chlorine for long periods of time while also acting as a descalant and maintaining a bacteriostatic environment that inhibits bacteria growth. KDF meets NSF Standards 42 and 61 and has been tested to remove heavy metals and inorganics as well as chlorine from water. KDF releases low residual copper and zinc ions into the water to inhibit algae and fungus growth.

Filtration inside the pool or spa system takes place as the water twists and turns through the Power Disks' maze of copper-zinc fibers. This tortuous movement increases contact time with the disks during each pass through the media, as the water is recirculated through the media over and over.

The models below are designed to fit inside a spa filter cartridge. $65.00         

The smaller model is $55.00

Filter Foam Power Disks use an all-natural process that works by catalytic action and the redox (reduction/oxidation) principal of dissimilar metals. As water passes through the Power Disks, a chemical reaction causes zinc and copper hydroxides to form in controlled amounts. These controlled releases of copper and zinc oxides are carried into the filtered water where they provide hostile conditions for bacteria, algae and fungus growth. This means cleaner water for bathing, plus reduced time and labor in keeping the pool or spa clean.

Filter Foam Disks also safeguard your pool and spa by reducing the need for chlorine and other chemicals that corrode pipes and equipment. Plus, chemical costs are minimal. After heavy loads from excess bathers, heavy rain, wind or pets, a one-time shock treatment, with potassium monopersulfate, or other shocking agents, is sufficient to solve the problem. The Power Disks also help to neutralize slightly acidic water, thereby reducing or eliminating the use of pH chemicals. Non chemical systems like these are easy and safe to store also.

Below left is an inline system for 15,000 gallon pool. $499.00

Below right is 30,000 gallon inline pool system. $699.00

Water flowing through the MegaDisk or Maxidisk is what makes it work. A pool or spa needs to circulate the water to provide maximum contact with the disk. The best way to do this is to circulate the water for at least 12 continuous hours each day at 10 gpm in spas or the normal flow rate for pools 24 hours 7 days a week. Do not allow suctioning except at the skimmer or wherever the disk is placed. If 12 continuous hours is not possible, use the pump to circulate the water for two, 2-hour periods daily AND run the pump at low speed for at least 30 minutes after each spa use.

Don't worry about pH with the disks. They regulate themselves usually between 7.6 and 8 and occasionally from 7.4 to 8.2. Chemicals intended to control pH severely reduce the disk's efficiency. Most pH parameters for pools and spas are based on using chlorine and are not relevant when the disk is used.

Likewise, the disks tend to regulate water's softness. The main reason water is hard is that calcium is present. The MegaDisk and MaxiDisk do not remove calcium, but they make the water act softer by changing calcium's cellular morphology so that it cannot adhere to a surface. The calcium does not deposit scale on surfaces.

If you test the water for softness in a MegaDisk or Maxidisk treated pool or spa, however, the test will show any calcium present because it does not distinguish between calcium's various morphologies.

There are no health issues with the disk's capacity to make water act softer. Using chemicals to soften the water, in addition to the disk, will restrict the efficiency and life of the disk. In normal operating conditions using the disk, no chemicals are needed for softening.

The MeagDisk for pools comes with a black disk guard designed to capture sediment. If the guard becomres clogged, it decreases the flow of water through the disk. Keep the guard clean by peeling it from the disk, washing it in water and replacing on the top of the disk.

The MaxiDisk for spas does not have a disk guard because spas usually have sediment filters to remove debris, soap or oil. Check your MaxiDisk periodically to make sure it is not clogged as this would reduce the flow of water throuhg the disk. If you notice debris or material on the disk, remove the disk, clean it with water and replace it.

A version for hot is designed to be hung over a return jet. $55.00

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