D.E. Swimming Pool Filters

The photo above is the typical top manifold D.E.(diatomaceous earth) swimming pool filter. This particular model is a Pentair FNS plus,but all top manifold filters are pretty much the sam

If you have a situation where you have lots of debris or pets using pool,perhaps a sand media filter would be best for you:

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The filter above is the Pentair is the FULLFLOXF 4000-series D.E. filter...it is shown with side mount valve here meaning its a top manifold filter but broshures show it with bottom manifold and backwash - its brand new


The filter below is a Pentair bottom manifold filter with a fiberglass tank. A good filter favored by many pool techs.

Link to Pentair 4000 Filter

The  filter above is the Sta Rite System 3 cartridge DE filter...the Sta Rite System 3 is my favorite because:

1)The cartridge is very easy to clean,there is no manifold or center rod to take apart...just lift the cartridge out of the tank and hose it off. The cartridge is covered with the same type of material as the grid on the filter at the top of this page but thicker.(I have installed some that are going on their 12th year[as of July 2016]).

2)The composite tank holds up to harsh chemicals and sunlight and has a 10 year warranty (but its best to shade or cover ANY non metal pool equipment from sun...also, its much easier to assemble than composite tanks that have a wrap-around clamp. (UPDATE:since Sta Rite was bought out by Pentair Pool Products,all Sta Rite filters now have a one year warranty-but it IS still the same tank).

3)The tank o-ring is impregnated with Teflon and is self lubricating,no messy lube and rag needed.

4)The tank is very easy to take apart/reassemble once the 7 clamps have been taken apart.

5)No tools,lubricants,or rags are needed to take apart and clean filter(but a wrench is needed if you wish to remove plug and clean out tank)

However,some pool service techs think the seven clamps are too much trouble to take off and remove...I personally think they are easier than round two piece tank clamps to put back on,but as a less expensive compromise to your pool service tech you may want to consider the model below:

Link to Pentair System 3 Filter

This is a Sta-Rite System 2 cartridge D.E. filter. Advantages to above System 3 filter:

1)Service techs love this filter!The simple ring lock is easier than the 7 clamps to remove and cleaning is even easier than the System 3 filter.

2)This filter is less expensive than the System 3 filter.

3)It can fit into small areas where a bigger filter cannot.


1)The tank is plastic instead of composite like the system 3 filter.

2)The maximum size is 48 square feet of filter area.The System 3 maximum size is 72 square feet.

3)The System 2 filter cannot handle the pressure and water flow of a System 3 filter

The device below automatically releases air from filter tank - excellent for pools with an underground suction side leak that puts air into system. Vaccare AR300 automatic air relief valve by Vacless

Link to troubleshooting filters