1000.00 Rebate on energy efficient pumps!
from Los Angeles DWP

Solar Powered Swimming Pool Pumps

The DC motor pump above requires no innverter it can run directly off the solar panel power...two basic models available approx. 1 and 1.5 HP (2 HP special order) the 1 HP requires 3 panels the 1.5 HP requires 6 panels custom sizing available qualifies for 30% federal tax credit on total cost of installation. I will be installing these locally call for quote. Pump curves of 1 and 1.5 HP and specs of 1.5 HP below

I was thinking that on lower horsepower motors, panels with built in inverters could be used on your existing pump for a much lower price as long as voltage stays at 115 volts (on 230 voltage it would require two strings of panels which would negate the cost savings of not buying a DC pump)...but then would you need some type of controller to handle varible voltage as the sun goes down? Not sure maybe someone can tell me.

Link to Solar Pump website

These pool pump systems are DC solar powered and come with a controller and usually panels too. I saw the pump pictured below at a pool show and they were running pump with just two solar panels and it was a cloudy,overcast day. This particular pump is roughly equivalent to 3/4 HP and can pump about 60 GPM on the average pool on a sunny day.   Higher output pumps that require more panels are available for commercial/large swimming pools.

The controller coverts the DC to three phase to run motor.

Link for solar pump website:

Solar pump website