Pool Technicians by Area

Los Angeles / Ventura Counties

The Following Are Pool Technicians I Know Personally

PLEASE let any of these technicians know you found them on my site thanks!

Jonathan's Pool Service 818-345-POOL(7665)

Mostly for repairs in the areas framed by the 101,23,118,and 405 freeways but willing to travel for bigger jobs. Installing/ repairing/replacing heaters,controls,salt chlorinators,variable-speed pumps,drains and SVRS (safety vacuum release systems) for the new federal guidelines,LED lighting and much more. Jonathan has a C53 license,is bonded and insured to over 1,000,000 in liability. He has some training in gas lines,electrical,hydraulics,and solar power. Of course my opinion is not 100% objective since he is me!

Kents Pool Service 805-490-3721 Newbury Park

Kent is located in Newbury Park and does pools along the 101 freeway with lots of accounts all the way to North Hollywood and lots of commercial accounts which means he has a Los Angeles County health license. Also a member of IPSSA(Independent Pool and Spa Service Association),which means he has a 1,000,000 liability policy and if he gets sick,someone will look after pool for him. He gets up early and is dependable and a family man.

Champion Pool Service 310-993-7665

Sebastian of Champion Pool Service seems to be fair financially wise as a business partner

Sebastian Hansen is in the San Fernando Valley area (his office is in Sherman Oaks) and Los Angeles...he has a Certified Pool Operators license as well as county health license. To be frank, he is tall and blonde and european and can also charge more so he can make a profit off his mostly latin workers...(but he is the "face" that gets my foot in the door for jobs so i should not complain right?) ...ALSO he is employing a few females in his office one of whom has children and they all get paid before I do...The link below goes to his website:

Champion Pools

NAS POOLS 818-224-8170

Nick does pools in the San Fernando Valley area mostly from the 405 heading into Agoura. He is licensed and insured, does a good job,takes care of lots of little details and does some repairs (I also do repairs for him)...he is a bit of a party animal,but he is not lazy and most of his pools look good.

He is also taking care of his grandparents,...so give him slack when he is late!

Link below to his website:

NAS Pools

Aqua 26 Pools Greg Herman 818-422-43932-4393

Greg is located in the west SFV area he is a family man and seems to be pretty competent and honest and recently received his Los Angeles County Health License...but I have only known him for a short time (as of 10-31-17) His website below:


Phoenix Arizona area

I do not know the guy below personally,but he has a good website for people looking for service in the Phoenix Arizona area:

Captain Clear Pool Service