Discount Pool Parts

Compool 3400

Compool 3400 indoor controller and outdoor board with buttons on other side used 425.00 including shipping or 225.00 each

Jandy/Zodiac Electronic Components

Jandy Aqualink RS 8

Indoor wired control and outdoor main board used but work perfectly 500.00 or 250.00 each

used RS6 Pool and spa revision Q main board 300.00

used pool and spa 8 revision PDA 1.2 main board 200.00

Jandy Aqua Pure Components

Shown above are the components for the Jandy Aqua Pure that are part of a Jandy pool/spa control system - the user interface control panel,main circuit board(sold),and the transformer.

User interface control: 225.00

Transformer: 175.00

Jandy Aqualink Outdoor Circuit Board (used)

Jandy Aqualink RS8 outdoor circuit board #8125 revision PDA software works with handheld PDA wireless.

It works fine but the owner upgraded to a Jandy One Touch. This particular circuit board has the frame and adapter plates for the old Jandy controls with dip switches where this board mounts vertically. 285.00

Also have a RS6 pool and spa board revision Q same price

Chardonnay Actuators used

Chardonnay actuator motors with relays and shaft extension above and complete boxes on right has a little minor surface rust...boxes are $125.00 for the set,$75.00 each motors are $100.00 for set,$60.00 each