Multi Speed/Two Speed Swimming Pool Pumps

DWP in Los Angeles is giving $500.00 rebates on these pumps!

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I did a quick check on prices at above site (6-10-18) and found two pentair variable speed pumps below price I pay my distributor and two Hayward pumps a little above price I pay.

However some warranties (extended 3 year) on some pumps only apply to non internet purchases but sometimes the manufacturers MAY honor warranty if the installer is on good terms with manufacturer (rewards member,warranty station,etc)

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I have installed many 2-speed pumps and have come to the conclusion they are an inefficient compromise compared to multi speed pumps for several reasons:
1)Although they are less expensive,they require some type of automation to prime in high speed for a minute or two before going to low speed to prime. The automation devices can negate the cost savings.
2)A two speed pump is about 1750 rpms at low speed...a multi-speed pump can run much lower.
3)Even at the same speed,the permanent magnet multi speed pump is more efficient.
4)The rebates from utility companies (up to 1000.00) usually only apply to multiple speed pumps.

Pump Affinity Law

Speed R.P.M.(revolutions per minute) = Flow G.P.M (gallons per minute)
Speed R.P.M. = Power3 (energy used)

Example: Reduce speed
3000 RPM --> 1500 RPM

1/2 Speed RPM = 1/2 GPM
1/2 Speed RPM = 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/8 energy used

3000 RPM -> 1000 RPM

1/3 Speed RPM = 1/3 GPM
1/3 Speed RPM = 1/3 x 1/3 x 1/3= 1/27 energy used

On the last example above,you can see how you must run pump 3 times longer because you are pumping only 1/3 the gallons per minute....however,you are only using 1/27 the energy so even if you run pump three times as long,you are only using 1/9 the energy and that is where the savings are!

The PUMP shown above is a low cost option for a smaller pool system and/or smaller 1.5" plumbing and still applies for utility rebates. The Hayward SP2300VSP about 300.00 USD less than an Intelliflo multi-speed pump. Has a speed range of 600-3000 rpm's and needs 230 voltage.Pentair also makes a low cost multi-speed pump called Super Flo that are available in 115 voltage

Below are a few different types of multi-speed pumps

The Hayward EcoStar pump above is similar to the Pentair and Sta Rite pumps but is more flexible in the installation - the keypad(first photo below) can rotate 360 degrees or be mounted up to 500 feet away from the pump,and can be controlled by pool system controls via cable,one or more relays,or a valve actuator.Below are the keypads-an LCD screen denotes it has the built in controller to qualify for rebate programs.

Pentair Multi Speed Pumps

Jandy VS Flo Pro Pump

Jandy E Pump

Calculate your cost savings compared to single speed pump